In the Media

Introducing Our Co-Directors 

Jaden Fields

March 2022 — Envisioning and Practicing Radical Community Care and Support, Jane Doe Inc. panel discussion

Amita Swadhin

March 2022 — Social Justice Partners, LA Fast Pitch

January 2017 — Opening remarks before the Senate Judiciary Committee during the nomination hearing of Jeff Sessions


June 2021 — They survived childhood sexual abuse. Now they’re on a mission to provide healing through storytelling, Yahoo News

September 2021 — What it’s like to go to the gynecologist as a Black trans man, Yahoo News

October 2021 — Telling your story can be powerful and healing. That’s why they founded this nonprofit. Upworthy

April 2020 — These Three Activists Are Bringing Overdue Attention to Childhood Sexual Abuse, Allure

September 2020 — Changing the Narrative on Childhood Sexual Abuse, A Blade of Grass

May 2021 — Grantee Spotlight: LGBTQI Survivors Build Community Through Storytelling, RALIANCE


March 2023 — The ED is not ready for survivors of sexual violence, and especially not survivors like me, Academic Emergency Medicine

December 2019 — Mirror Memoirs: Amita Swadhin on Survivor Storytelling and the Mediation of Rape Culture, Biography

Recorded Public Events 

September 2020 — Discussion: Survivors Agenda Summit by MeToo Movement (featuring Jaden and Member Ducky Vega) Note: starts at 1:20:50 

September 2020 — Keynote/Plenary: National Sexual Assault Conference (Amita Swadhin)

March 2021 — Panel: International Trans Day of Visibility (San Francisco Public Library) 

April 2021 — Panel: Preventing & Healing Childhood Sexual Abuse (National Health & Domestic Violence Conference, featuring Amita) 

July 2021 — Panel: What Constitutes “Self-Defense” for Black Trans People? 

November 2021 — Transmutation: A Ceremony (trailer)

December 2021 — 5th Anniversary Celebration

November 2022 — Podcast: Playwrights Horizons Discusses Off-Broadway “Downstate” (featuring Amita) 

November 2022 — Interview: edxi betts interview with Amita Swadhin for Debt Free Justice 

March 2023 — Panel: Featuring Jaden and the Transmutation: A Ceremony cast, moderated by Ashlee Marie Preston 

September 2023 — Radio Show: Inside Out with Host Aishah Shahidah Simmons, on Pacifica WPFW FM

January 2023 — Shuno for Jaago

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